Need Help? Call 24-hour Crisis and Support Hotline: (907) 272-0100

Get Help

You are not alone. AWAIC is here to help.

The first step in breaking a violent pattern in a relationship is to tell someone. Let someone know about your situation so that you can contact him or her in case you need to leave a dangerous situation. The person you tell may be a nurse or doctor, counselor or social worker, a close friend or family member. If you don’t get help the first time, keep talking. AWAIC has trained advocates on call 24-hours a day.

When you call the AWAIC crisis line, you can expect:

  • To speak with a caring and trained advocate
  • To receive non-judgmental support and to be treated with dignity and respect
  • To receive help identifying options and resources
  • To be offered guidance in understanding the level of danger in your relationship as well as basic domestic violence education
  • To be offered help with planning for your safety
  • To be offered information about how to access safe shelter if you need it

AWAIC's trained crisis line advocates can offer you information about all the services and support available at AWAIC. AWAIC serves all victims of domestic violence including women, men and children.

AWAIC provides culturally sensitive services with staff members who speak Spanish, Yup’ik, Hmong, French, Samoan and Tagalog. AWAIC strives to provide support to all people who have been impacted by domestic violence, and supports those with limited English proficiency, specific cultural needs, and disabilities. AWAIC seeks out community resources, technologies and collaborations to reduce barriers and ensure the safety of all community members.